This post is a supplement to an earlier “What do anthropologists study?” entry. (You might want to take a sec to skim that first, so you’ll recognize some of the terms I’m about to use.) In my attempt to explain anthropology with only a minimal required reading list, it seems my sugar-coating left a sour […]

ANTHPOP: Dead Space (2008) Category: videogame (Xbox360/PC/Playstation3) Dead Space (2008) is a survival horror game [1] set in futuristic earth (2414-ish). It begins with a crew traveling in space, responding to a distress signal sent by a large planetary mining ship. (Can you see where this is going?)  Once docked to the ship, horrifying alien monster things attack […]

What do anthropologists study?  The usual answer is ‘culture,’ but that word doesn’t just refer to snobby art or opera music. ‘Culture’ usually boils down to something to do with people,  usually groups of people. People are complex, so a student anthropologist has to learn a smattering of everything; this can include, depending on their […]